Friday, March 23, 2012

Garage Sale Fiasco OR Memorial Hospital

It's been a long day. It started out fine. Mom and dad had driven up from Fort Myers Thursday night to have a yard sale at our house.  The day woke sunny and with a cool breeze...perfect to set up the yard sale. The kiddos were enjoying the outdoors and playing in the leaves and running here and there. Right after a picnic lunch of ham sandwiches and "tato ships" Oogie crawled up on grammy's lap and snuggled close.  Mom called me over and said that she was concerned that Oogie was getting a cold....and it came up really quick.  Her eyes looked puffy and her nose was pouring.  She started coughing and sounded like a seal. Wheezing started soon after and then a fever..... I decided that I needed to get her to the doctor....right away.  I called our FDS* and let them know that I was headed to an after hours clinic.  After stopping at two different ones that wouldn't take her form of medicaid I decided to head to the hospital.
Three hours, an x-ray and breathing treatment later, we headed home with the diagnosis of an upper respiratory infection.  This is becoming a reoccurring problem that might need to be addressed with her primary care doctor.