Monday, April 9, 2012

Holy Moley.. Just be nice People!..School Readiness

Deciding on sending a child off to strangers to watch is never an easy thing.  Sure I know almost all the staff at our local daycare. In fact several even go to our same church. I trust these people, as much as I'd trust anyone. And that, is the problem.  I have trust issues sometimes.  But I digress....

Determining it was in Missy's best interest to socialize with other cookie-munchers and not just hang out 24/7 with Meme, I made a trip to the School Readiness Office in Brandon.  I was told that it was "a different world" and to be prepared.  Wow... Now, I'm not uppity at all, but the side of life that was present in that office had me shaking my head.  I saw skin-tight clothing that looked painted on and more BC (my pastor husband euphemism for butt-crack) than I care to see in a life time. I heard momma's cussing at 2 year olds and overheard iphone conversations peppered with "f..." this and "f... NO!"

Not cool.....

Also I was warned to get there 6:30 am.  So I did, thinking that I would be setting there all by myself until they opened till 7:30.  Au contraire.....

I find myself 13th in line behind people who have obviously been there before! They have lawn chairs, coolers of food (seriously) and the ever-present iPhones streaming cartoons... or something, to their little people.  Oh my goodness!

Seven-twenty-nine (and a half).  The blinds are raised and the countdown is on......30 seconds, 29, 28, 27.... Seriously they were watching the hands tick to the 7:30 mark.

We filed in, signed in and took a number. ... and sat and waited.
It was like they took pleasure in making you wait.  Not a nice person in the bunch, they were all short tempered and grouchy. Not the way I wanted to start my day, especially since I had been up since 5:00am!  

It's right here that I need to stop and ask God to help me with my patience.  Really....right here...
and this is what I found:

Ephesians 4:2-3
Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace.

I stopped to pray for the employees here. They have lives outside of here and maybe they need extra prayer.  The work they do is underappreciated by the sound of all of the disgruntled patron assembled.  It was a loud work enviornment and everytime they called a name they had to do it over someones loud voice or screaming kids.  I wouldn't have wanted to work there.  
I ask the Lord for patience and he gives me all kinds of opportunities to hone that personality trait.  Maybe I shouldn't ask for it so much.