Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh no...I can't zip my dress

Ok, so it's not my dress, it's my swimsuit but the same principles apply...I just can't think of what the thing is that attaches my top of my suit together....and it's not a zipper, but you get the picture.

I was at a party last week when a dear friend of mine told the story of when she came home from a wedding that she was in. Her husband, nor any of her kids had attended and in fact, they were gone for the night.

Of course she had gotten dressed when help was at hand but now....well, she was up the proverbial stream.... and try as she might, she was unable to unzip her dress. She resorted to clothes hangers and outside corners of the wall...l lot of different approaches before she finally succeeded.

I laughed, knowing that, first it was a really funny story, but more so, I could relate. You see, I'm very claustrophobic. I have been know to rip a gold necklace from my neck just because I felt the walls closing in on me. Crazy, I know, but...well....I know....

So this leads me to this post. I am taking a weekend sabbatical from fostering my sweet babies. (yes, an R&R).
I decide to go to a beach resort and find time to write, catch up on paperwork and just have quiet. ahhhhhh.....

BUT, I pack a swimsuit that has a clasp ( oh yeah! that's what it's called) about midway between my neck and waist. Now who ever thought...or DIDN'T think about that one.

As I contort my body trying to bring my arthritic and lupus weakened hands and arms to reach the impossible sweet-spot of my back, I look around for a middle aged, single women who might be of some assistance. Seriously....what was I to do? Right now its just hanging. Yes, I look like a old lady who doesn't know how to dress herself....but I'm on the beach....with tiny waves lapping at my tootsies, it's quiet and I am at peace.....

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