Friday, May 3, 2013

We should get frequent flyer miles or at least a parking pass

While at the hospital with Brave One (another post) I came home to change clothes to find Little Dude struggling to breath a little bit. Since it was early enough to run him to the clinic for a walk-in appointment and my good friend Crabby Patty was staying with Brave One, off to the clinic we went.

I really wasn't too worried but since it seemed as though nothing had really been wrong with Brave One, and I was totally wrong, I decided my momma instincts must be a bit off from the 30 year hiatus that I had taken.

Good thing I took him in!  When the woman at the front desk saw him she asked to hold him.  They know me well.  With kids coming and going, I'm in the office a lot!  As soon as she picked him up she asked if she could take him right back.....something seemed wrong.  Was I THAT FAR OFF??? What would have happened if I hadn't taken him in, I wondered???? Of course I was thinking of all the "bad stuff" that could happen.  My fears were confirmed when the doctor herself called me back to the examining room.  They hadn't actually "opened" yet so I knew something was wrong.

Doctor told me that he was really struggling for breath and they couldn't get a good "read" on his oxygen.  His tiny little fingers and toes just didn't pick up anything and they had to know whether to let me take him to the ER or have an ambulance take him.  By this time I'm really worried!  They gave him an albuteral treatment and by that time the little glowing red bandaid on the tootsie worked.  They got a read....and although not great, I was allowed to leave with him and drive him to the ER....

The same hospital that Brave One, his sister was at.  There seemed such a distance between ER and the fourth floor. Who was "supposed" to be with?

The kids mom came to visit Brave One within the hour so at least someone was with her. At this point unsupervised visits were not allowed so the CM stayed with mom and grandma in the tiny little room with sad little cage bed. I worried about how long they would be able to stay. I just couldn't see leaving Brave One by herself.  She's still not so brave....

Eventually, the doctor came in and the albuteral treatment must have really done it's job because the ER doctor could see nothing of concern and they discharged us.  It was sure scary though.  And I still wonder why his primary was SO concerned and ER kind of blew it off.  

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