Thursday, January 19, 2012

There is a BABY BROTHER?!?!?

I got a call today from Placement asking if we would be willing to take Oogie's little brother. A quick calculation made me ask, "Baby Brother...How old is he???     She's barely a year old!?"

Well....I found out that Oogie was taken into custody the night that Baby Boy was born.  He was born to a mom who was on drugs at the time of delivery and an emergency shelter was needed for Oogie, Now that the new baby was getting closer to release from the hospital they wanted to know if we would take him. We have been told that it could be another 2 - 6 weeks before he is fully weaned off the drugs. After a quick talk and prayer with hubby we decided that though we weren't "thinking" two babies, God would take care of the details and we would keep the siblings together. Now we just wait till he's well enough to "come home".


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