Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Staffing

I heard from our FDS last night. She had gotten the email I sent her regarding the information that I posted yesterday...the notes from phone conversation with "mom".  Apparently she took the information to say that mom was suicidal.  I guess when I look back at my notes, it could be taken that way.  She contacted the facility and spoke to the nurse in charge and asked her to check in on mom.  She told me that the nurse really didn't seem interested in the information.  Sometimes I wonder if places like that put so much emphasis on being successful at "rehabbing" the client that they don't want to hear anything negative.  I may be totally off here, this is just my opinion and thoughts.  She also contacted the Care Manager.

Anyway, today I get an email from the Care Manager who said that she was meeting with her supervisor and that it would be "staffed" right away.  I'm still not totally sure what that means in each situation.  I know that there is what's called a permanency staffing and that just goes over the current permanency recommendation,  like TPR or reunification and if it should stay the same. The staffing that they had today......well, I just don't know...yet.

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