Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

This weekend we had the great opportunity to attend The Connected Child Seminar.
We learned so much from Dr. Karon Purvis and will try very hard to put into practice what we learned. The seminar was geared to raising kids "from hard places", ie. foster, adopted etc. I am sure that a lot of the information that we learned would be very helpful for kids from "normal places".  Don't we all have some issues to deal with?  Anyway, I would highly recommend Dr. Purvis's book The Connected Child.

We actually picked up several books at the seminar that so far seem to have very
helpful information in them.  Currently I am reading "The Out of Sync Child" by Carol Stock Kranowitz and it seemed geared specifically to our 2 year old! Sure glad we picked it up.

On the second day of the conference just as we were settling into our seats right after lunch I get a call from our FDS, Amber.  She asked if we would be willing to take a newborn boy......tonight....

A quick conversation with the hubby and we said yes.  We were told that he would be brought to us straight from the hospital around 7:00.  Since we were close to 2 hours from our home and the conference wasn't over till 5:00, we knew it would be close but we agreed.  We were told that the CPI would be waiting at the hospital for our call when we were about 30 minutes from home.

We made it home at about 6:45 and the wait began......

You see, I have learned that there is "real time" and "DCF time".  Apparently, there was a "incident" at the hospital involving "mom" and her not wanting the child to be removed.  When I hear this I was so glad that the CPI brought him and I didn't pick him up myself.  (I had done this with our first foster baby).  Baby C arrived at approximately 9:30 that night....and boy was he worth the wait!  Such a cutie...Dark brown full hair and big blue eyes.  Such a handsome little guy!

The next morning I turned 58.....and what 58 year old doesn't want a newborn for her birthday. haha!
We are blessed........

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